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It is not uncommon that patients will seek more than one custom facial implant to suit their facial reshaping needs. This creates a near unlimited potential for ways to structurally change one’s face. It is best to think of the face as having three levels or horizontal lines of facial augmentation. Level 1 is the jawline, level 2 is the midface (infraorbital -malar-maxillary) and level 3 is the brow bones-forehead area. This is a good way to think about it as that is also how most custom implants are designed…to have a horizontal level of augmentation across the facial bony prominences.

Custom cheek implant design for high cheekbone look with small infraorbital extension and custom jawline implant for male facial masculinization effect.

Custom cheek implant design for high cheekbone look with small infraorbital extension and custom jawline implant for male facial masculinization effect.

Small anterior custom cheek implant design with arch extension combined with a custom jawline implant.

Strong custom cheek and jawline implant for a male facial masculinizing effect.

Custom cheek and jawline implant designs to provide more visible facial skeletal features in a male.

Custom right cheek and jawline implant to improve facial asymmetry.

Custom cheek implants in a male to replace and provide a better cheek augmentation effect than the injectable fillers that were currently present.

A three level custom facial implant augmentation with custom brow bone, infraorbital-malar and wrap around jawline implants.
Full face or three level facial masculinization custom implants.
Combining custom forehead-brow bone and infraorbital-malar-maxillary implants for increasing projection of the upper two thirds of the face and creating more deep set eyes.
Custom brow bone and jawline implants to provide a more significant masculinizing effect to the male face.
An enhanced brow bone and jawline adds projection to the male face for more deep set eyes and a much stronger jawline than a standard chin implant can create.
The most common multilevel custom facial implants are the infraorbital-malar and jawline implants to address the ‘cheeks’ and the lower jaw deficiencies.
The custom infraorbital-malar and jawline implants together augment the mid- and lower facial horizontal lines or levels.
This classic male combination of infraorbital-malar implants with a wrap around jaw implant creates the high cheekbone look with that of a more well defined jawline.

A common use of the custom infraorbital-malar implant which is combined with a custom jawline implant for a male facial masculinization effect.

Custom infraorbital-malar implant with maxillary tab extension combined with a custom jawline implant for augmenting the male face.

Custom infraorbital-malar implants combined with custom brow bone and temporal implants.

Custom infraorbital-malar implants combined with custom jaw angle implants after orthognathic surgery.

Custom infraorbital-malar implants combined with custom cleft chin and jaw angle implants.

Custom infraorbital-malar implants with custom jawline implants for a two level facial augmentation effect.

Custom infraorbital-malar implants that raise up the lower eyelids to a more horizontal position combined with a custom jawline implant.

A different but not uncommon approach is to widen the temples along with a jawline implant. This creates a broader/wider forehead to have it match the new lower facial/jawline width.
Custom Infraorbital and jawline implant combined with a sliding genioplasty for a male masculinization effect. The need for a combined opening wedge genioplasty and implant overlay is because the vertical increase needed in the chin was 10mms which is beyond what an implant alone can do.
Female for correction of jaw reduction irregularities/asymmetries with custom jawline implant as well as custom infraorbital-maxillary implants to correct a right vertical orbital dystopia and provide side central midface projection.
Forehead and skull reshaping with a custom suprabrow bone implant to reduce the appearance of prominent brow bones combined with a custom skull implant to augment a narrow appearing head shape due to parasagittal and parietal skull deficiencies.
Male custom forehead-brow bone and jawline implant designs to take a rounder softer face into one with more defined bone structure at the upper and lower facial levels.
Increasing the forward projection of the face occurs most effectively at the upper and lower facial levels. Adding projection to the brow bones and chin produces more anterior projection and an increased masculinization effect.
Custom midface implant for more complete anterior projection of the midface (without adding any cheek width) and custom extended jaw angle implants for correction of asymmetries from prior V line jaw reduction surgery.
The classic male two level facial implant augmentation after a bony genioplasty of custom infraorbital-malar and jawline implants.
Even in the older male typical facial masculinization implants of the infraorbital cheeks and jawline can enhance facial bone structure as well as pick up loose skin of the neck, jawline and cheeks. It is certainly true that implants that cover a lot of bone surface area can have a bit of a facelifting effect.
Combining a lower level vertical lengthening bony genioplasty with extended custom jaw angle implants with midface level custom infraorbital-malar implants is a unique approach to male facial masculinization.
This now classic approach to facial masculinization provides horizontal augmentation to the lower two levels of the face by wrap around undereye-cheek and jawline implant augmentations. In the thinner face these implants do not have to be big to achieve their desired effects in providing visible enhancements to the five corners of the face. (cheeks, chin and jaw angles)
Prior orthognathic surgery, while improving the occlusion and upper and lower jaw proportions, can not create more defined facial features. It does provide however a solid foundation onto which custom implants can be used to create the more visible cheek and jawline definition.
Male with significant congenital lower jaw asymmetry with some mild undereye hollowing and flatter cheeks who underwent simultaneous custom jawline and infraorbital-malar implants.
Like many male patients the goal is to create a more angular and defined face which is created by augmenting the ‘five corners’ of the face, the chin, two jaw angles and the two cheek areas. This explains the popularity of combining custom infraorbital-malar (IOM) and wrap around jawline implants.
Some males already have strong facial bone features and only need some modest enhancement of them. For the infraorbital-malar (IOM) area this usually means a slightly higher line of bone enhancement from under the eye to across the cheek bones. For the jawline it means modest augmentation of the entire inferolateral border from one jaw angle to the other.