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Custom chin implants are useful when significant vertical elongation of the chin is needed, the implant extension needs to go back further along the jawline than conventional chin implants will allow or there is some significant chin asymmetry. The key surgical point about their placement is the consideration of the placement of the incision when done from a submental approach. The incision may need to be further back than the submental crease as the tissue recruitment from the implant may ‘roll out’ the submental tissues further than one would think of the custom chin implant adds any significant vertical length.

Custom chin implant designed for a middle-aged female who seeks improved chin symmetry, a slight vertical elongation of the chin and an extension of the implant that goes back to the pre-jowl area.


Bony jaw angle/jaw angle implant asymmetry and the desire for vertical elongation of the jaw angles are two most common indications for custom jaw angle implants. Asymmetric placement of jaw angle implants is very common and is caused by both placement error and slight but significant differences in natural jaw angle shapes. A little difference in the shape or angular form of the jaw angles can translate into a very visible difference when they are enlarged by implants. Aesthetic augmentation of jaw angles often requires vertical lengthening (dropping down) of the jaw angles which no current form of jaw angle implant provides. While jaw angles are often perceived as just being made wider, the more common aesthetic need for many jaw angle augmentations is create by lowering the jaw angle and not by just making it wider. In some cases this requires the entire jawline from angle to angle to be made vertically longer.

Custom vertically lengthening jawline implant that wraps around from jaw angle to jaw angle.


Currently aesthetic augmentation of the jawline is a very popular use of the custom design process. While there are standard styles and sizes of both chin and jaw angles, there is no total jawline implant. A standard jawline implant would be impossible to create as a complete wrap around implant due to the variability in jawline sizes between people.

Having an implant that connects one jaw angle to the other across the chin is the most powerful method to enhance a jawline. This is of particular interest in men who want to have an overall stronger and more defined jawline. With an implant that covers a large bony surface area, it is important to not oversize it in any one dimension. With a facial implant that covers such a large surface area, it is very easy to oversize it as the influence on the jawline shape is significant.

A custom wrap around jawline implant is inserted through three separate incisions. Bilateral intraoral posterior mandibular vestibular incisions are used to position the jaw angle portion of the implants. An anterior incision, either intraoral or external submental, is used to insert the entire implant and feed it back to the jaw angles in a folded fashion.

Custom wrap around jaw implant for a 35 year-old male made to create a strong defined lower jaw effect with a square chin, wide and prominent jaw angles and a smooth connection between the two.